Do you need a small job done for your Squarespace site?

If you need a code tweak, a design change, or you want to customize something with your template, the SquareTask team will get your one-off Squarespace jobs done.

We’re expert web developers with years of experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Our products and services have been used on over
Squarespace sites.

Is this you?

Then we’re the solution you need.

We have the skills you need to get your task done.

What jobs can SquareTask do?

Money-back guarantee

If we can’t complete the job to your satisfaction, we’ll give your money right back!

Request a job

Submit your Squarespace job via email to [email protected]

Submit your job using the template below:

Subject Line: SquareTask – Your Business

Name: Your Name

Business: Your Business

URL: Website URL

Budget (USD): $250

Timeline: 3–5 days

Description: I need you to hide the icons on the...

Attachments: Attach any necessary files

What happens next?

After you submit your job, someone from our team will contact you to clarify your requirements, confirm the budget and timeline, and ask for more information about the job.


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